Matilija Overnighter – 5/16/15

Status of troop Matilija Backpack trip planned for Saturday/Sunday, 5/16/15.

Departure: Saturday, 5/16 from Lemon Park.  Time TBD.
Update to follow when available (likely Thursday night).

Return: Sunday, 5/17 by 4 PM.


Campfires are currently allowed at our Middle Matilija campsite.
Meals are being planned by patrol.

Required for EACH person:
2 litres (at least) of water
Tent, as assigned
Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad
Sturdy hiking boots (waterproof might be desirable given the possibility of wet conditions)
10 essentials
Appropriate clothing –   to avoid “overpacking”, layering works best.

Rain (including thunderstorms) is expected in that area on Thursday and Friday, should be gone by Saturday.  That would be about the same conditions of the trip last December.  However, if thunderstorms continue into Saturday be advised that it could mean postponing the trip.
Temperatures are forecast with highs of about 67F and lows of about 47F.  In the canyon, it may be slightly cooler.  Bring appropriate clothing.